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Women Like Big Men

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You wake up every day wishing that one decent looking girl will notice you. That one of them will stop avoiding and ignoring you and come up to and say “Hi”. You want girls to stop being concerned about your weight, clothes and appreciate you for who you are—after all, isn’t that what women say: “It’s your inner beauty that counts.”?

And then what do they do?

They sleep with the biggest jerk they can find. It’s like rubbing salt in the wound. The worst part is that they complain later that they were treated like crap by this guy. Yet the same woman will say something like “I don’t care what he looks like as he’s nice.

She’ll go and sleep with him again and again and complain how she’s being used and how he’s such a jerk! And what do they say to you? “You’re such a nice guy—but let’s just be friends...

WHAT THE F...!?! (Sorry—I got carried away)

I’ve seen this story WAY too many times. I’ve even lived it. Doesn’t make sense, does it? If what she’s saying is true, then why does she date the jerk and not you?

I bet you’re thinking the same thing I thought at the time:

Do Women Dislike Me Because I Am Fat?

Do Women Dislike Me Because I Am Fat?

I honestly felt that was the truth. I felt that women would only sleep with me if I looked like the guys in perfume ads—you know, the guys with the abs that are only achievable by 12 hours per day at the gym and a whole team of experts airbrushing the pictures.

It was impossible—but I did everything to lose weight. I joined gyms, took up several sports, ate less... wasted thousands of dollars on bogus diet programs. All for what?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I managed to lose 40 pounds in less than 6 months and about 3 sizes on my pants and I still couldn’t get laid – who am I kidding: I couldn’t even get a DATE!

It feels bad, doesn’t it? We go through all this work and girls don’t even recognize it. Meanwhile, the guys who are complete jerks still keep getting more girls in a week than you’ve had your whole life...

I figured they were on to something. So I had to find out what they were doing to get more women than their johnson could handle... And what I found out truly shocked me!

Being Overweight Had Nothing To Do With It—
Jerks Know Something That Is
More Powerful Than Looks...

I decided to befriend a lot of these Jerks. You know, the guys who act all cool in clubs and have 30 women lining up for them. I had to know what they were on to.

So I went out to clubs and started meeting these guys. I started making friends with these guys in clubs and other events. I would just spot the guys with the most girls around him and offer him a drink for his ‘secrets’. I was surprised with what I found...

Most of them didn’t have a clue what they were doing—yet the women loved them. I thought it might be looks, but most of these guys weren’t what you’d call models. I thought it might be money, but they weren’t exactly rich—the guy with the most chicks I met had come to club by bus!

But one guy revealed to me the secret that would change it all...

These Guys Weren’t Born Like This—
They Became Like This!

These Guys Weren’t Born Like This—They Became Like This!

He introduced me to the world of PUA—you might have heard it before, it stands for pick up artists. I was amazed with this. These were regular guys that spend their time in forums discussing strategies and techniques for picking up women. But it wasn’t all that it was talked up to be.

I spent 2 years learning from every PUA, every forum, signing up to PAID programs. I dedicated most of my life in those two years to learning every strategy, technique and trick these guys had to share. I spent over 3,670 hours and $12,870 in learning this. And you know what I realized?

You end up getting advice from a lot of guys who don’t DO anything.

Sure, they know a lot about women... in theory! But most of those guys don’t go out and do much. In fact, the ones that do tend to be the ones that charge for it. Worse of all is that I had become one of those guys too. I knew everything in theory, but I had no practice to back it up...

I would still stutter when I talked to women. Everything I said, did and even walked seemed fake. I even did magic tricks for women—what the hell!? I really felt like I was a circus clown. And sure, those tricks got me a kiss or two, but they weren’t getting me what I wanted...

PUA Tricks Are Nothing More Than An Act...
That Doesn’t Work For Regular Guys!

Negative Reaction From Women

I realized that I was making a complete fool of myself and neglecting the most important thing: I wasn’t being myself! I was a scripted puppet doing what some random teenager wrote on the internet at 2am after playing games all night. Girls didn’t warm up to me—of course, what I was doing didn’t seem natural. But I knew some guys that did.

Now that I understood the basics of dating, I decided to call up my old pals: the jerks I met in the clubs. I started to go out with them again and I realized that they were much more natural in their state and they could get dozens of women in the club without having to do magic tricks or memorize complicated routines... How?

These guys were naturals. Picking up women was second nature to them. Whenever I asked them how they did it, they all gave me the same response “I don’t know man—Just be confident”.

What kind of advice is that!?

They had no idea what they were doing... but I started to observe them in action and really learn. And that’s when I started to get results. And when you get it, you realize how easy it is to get laid with the girls you like!

I combined what I had learned from PUAs and what the Naturals were doing and I realized one thing—I had been missing the point the whole time!

And I bet my left kidney 99% of guys in this world are missing the point too...!

It Took Me Over 3 Years To Realize:
There WAS A Quicker Way To Get The Same Results!

Get Laid By Women!

There are two things that makes guys successful with women—and for that matter successful with anything else:

  1. Skill
  2. Experience

So I devised a way to get both of these—very, very quickly and easily! It’s very simple.

I learned the hard way that most of the dating advice out there will not work for 99% guys. For a simple reason: they are all focused on theory! Let me explain.

Most dating advice you get from books, gurus, coaches or a forum is focused on you learning a theory... Yes a theory, not a skill—skills are only learned with practice! That is the major flaw in the material out there. They keep learning and learning and never achieve real results! So the solution was easy.

I sat down with 4 PUAs and 3 Natural and over the course of a month we wrote and tested a bullet proof method that any guy could use to make sure they get laid!

The method was a combination of skill and practice to get you REAL results. We created a guide that you can follow step by step to quickly build up skills and experience and be boning half your neighborhood in the one month. There is one catch though…

What You Are About To Learn
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Get Laid By Women!

A lot of the guides you see out there promise you that they will offer you instant results. Of course they do—they are based on theory. Instant results to them means you know what to do—it doesn’t mean you are actually lying in bed with a hot girl by your side. That’s why we make you one simple promise: Our guide WILL get you laid in 28 days!

Our guide was created in a way that makes you practice and learn skills in simple, real life exercises that will have you seducing every woman in a 10 mile radius of you in a month.

It’s going to inject you with skills and experience in the fastest, simplest and least painful way possible. You WILL learn:

  • How to approach women anywhere and anytime without fear of rejection.
  • Easy exercises to get rid of your fear of rejection—no matter how shy you are.
  • Simple tricks to annihilate any nervousness you have when talking to women!
  • How women see guys and dating and why 99% of men never get it.
  • How to dress yourself in a way that lures women to you.
  • Tricks to seduce ANY woman—regardless how hot she is or how many other guys are hitting on her.
  • Secret lines that will have girls buying YOU drinks.
  • Never before seen body language techniques that will get women to hit on you!
  • Plus... You’ll get dozens of simple exercises that will quickly and easily teach you how to become the guy that every girl in the party craves to talk to!

Imagine Being Able To Attract The Women You Want
Without Having To Lose Weight Or Looking Like Brad Pitt

Get Laid By Women!

You see the media telling you that you have to lose weight, shape up, dress like an actor, get plastic surgery, and all kinds of absurdities. But let me tell you something: you don’t need to be ripped or good-looking to sleep with hot women! I often say that women like big men!

Women are attracted to men for more than just their looks. In fact, I’d say looks is not even the top 2 reasons why a woman would sleep with you…

Money and charm are the main reasons. Since getting rich isn't exactly easy, I learned exactly how to be charming and I am going to show you how to charm women without having to fear rejection. And best of all: you don’t have to change anything about how you look to do it…

BUT WAIT—don’t start buying clothes off a hobo just yet: looks isn’t all that important, but trying to look good can go a long way. That’s why I created this guide with a whole section on how to dress and present yourself well—and it’s so simple that any guy can pull it off. Even if you have absolutely no sense of fashion or style!

This program has worked for other guys that were ugly, fat, bald, broke, old… Heck, when I followed this program I was 4 of the 5 above! And here’s what other guys that trialed this have said:

This Program Was Tested By Absolute Virgins!
Here’s What They Had To Say:

“I thought I was going to die a virgin until Rick came along. Now I get at least 3 numbers every time I go out!”

“I can’t believe it, Rick! I finally did it. After 2 and half weeks into the program I finally got laid!

I thought I was going to die a virgin. Being 29 years old, nerdy and weighing 293 pounds, I thought not a woman in this world would take me. But I guess you were right: women like big men lol.

In the first week I had 20 (or more. I lost count lol) phone numbers. I had to buy a new phone cause my old nokia couldn’t handle the message space. Some geek I am. I didn’t even have a good enough phone to put numbers in..

I was getting 3 numbers every time I went out. Even if it was to the bakery! Lol

But anyway, I was doing so well yesterday, talking to the girls and all and a girl approached me! Can you believe it??? So I’m laughing a lot now cause she’s like lying on my bed right now as I type this.

I just wanted to say a big thanks!”

Ron Hume, IT Manager

Ron Hume
IT Manager
Portland, Oregon
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“I slept with more women in one month than I had slept with my whole life.”


What can I say? This past month following your program was awesome! It was unlike anything I’ve ever done. Seriously, I had tried speed dating, online dating and every other type of ‘get laid quick’ thing I could find.

You were right, it wasn’t overnight. But damn it was worth it!!! I slept with more women in one month than I had slept with my whole life. It’s not like I was a virgin or anything. But I was never the guy the got the ladies. I was always ‘chubby’ and ‘friendly’. Now I’m big, mean and keen! And they love it.

I wish I had met you earlier.”

Dan Young
Sydney, NSW
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Dan Young, Chef

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Book: How a Fat, Ugly & Broke Loser Slept with 3 Hot Models in 28 days!

How a Fat, Ugly & Broke Loser
Slept with 3 Hot Models in 28 days!

I compiled all the tactics, leanings and missions that transformed normal guys into chick-magnets into simple eBook. There were hours of trainings and tutorial me and the other guys could’ve put in here, but we wanted this eBook to contain on the cream of the crop: all the pages contain teachings that will give you results!

This eBook takes you step by step through the course we went with over 86 guys worldwide to make them become real life Don Juans. Don’t take this lightly! You will improve all the skills you have always ignored. After you’re done with the training you will be having your pick at models!

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Women Likes You Regardless Of How Overweight Or Ugly You Think You Are

I know firsthand that being overweight or even ugly has nothing to do with being able to hook up with a girl. It’s all about how you present yourself. People that tell you it matters never stopped to realize that there are a bunch of average guys out there getting laid more than Rockstars. What do you think when you see a fat, bald, ugly dude with an incredibly hot chick?

What does he have that you don’t? I’ll tell you: he knows the secrets to seducing women.

This book will go through the exact steps you need to learn how to dress, walk and talk so that you can seduce women around you with your every action.

The reality is that most PUA books don’t take fat men and big men into account. They assume everyone is Hollywood skinny and attends 24 hour fitness every hour it’s open. They don’t teach you how to dress, walk or talk they way you should.

The truth is that there are basic seduction skills that any man can learn. Regardless of size, looks or age—if you know how to present yourself, you can pull this off. And you don’t have to become a clone of someone else to do this! After you complete this program you will bring out best self.

Here are some of the lessons this book will teach you:

  • Get Yourself Together Before You Try to Get the Girl – The total makeover that will have you dressing like a George Clooney in a week.
  • What Your Body Says Means as Much as What You Say with Your Mouth – Simple body postures tricks to make you walk like a model.
  • You Can’t Even Talk to the Cashier; How’re You Going to Talk to a Girl?! – Easy exercises for you to start meeting women anywhere & everywhere.
  • You Need to Get Some Face Time – How to meet the maximum amount of easy women in the shortest amount of time—and hook up!
  • What You Do Next is the Difference between Being a Player or a Total Loser – This is too good to reveal…
  • Shape Up or Ship Out! – A bonus chapter on how to become healthier and more attractive.

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Money Back 100% Guarantee: Your Money back in 60 days—No Questions Asked!

If this program doesn’t help you – for whatever reason – I don’t want to know. I will give your money back and not ask any questions.

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Women Like Big Men

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Book: How a Fat, Ugly & Broke Loser Slept with 3 Hot Models in 28 days!
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